All Region Team

MDJ Player of the Year
2018: Erin Carleton (M/F)
Region Player of the Year
2020: Brooke Hart (F)
2019: Erin Carleton (M/F)
2018: Lindsay Bell (GK)

MDJ First Team All-County

2020: COVID
2019: Lindsay Bell (GK); Amaya Evans (F); Erin         
           Carleton (M/F)
2018: Amaya Evans (F)
2017: Mollie Williams (F)
2016: Mollie Williams (F)
2015: Mollie Williams (F)
2012: Maggie Gaughan (F); Necee Jennings (M)
2010: Christy Schofer (M)

**All Region Team selections did not occur before 2018