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Hillgrove Boys Varsity Records & Data

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MDJ First Team All-County

All County 2022.JPG
2022: Aidan Boyle (M); Quin Delamater (D);                                Luis Pulido (GK)
2021: Josh Najjar (M) & Quin Delamater (D)
2020: COVID
2019: Austin Shukoor (M) & Zamal Mallebranche (F)
2018: Gunther Rankenburg (GK)
2017: AJ Jallow (M/F)
2016: AJ Jallow (M/F); Eirik Abney (M/D)
2014: Mo Jallow (M) & Reed Hall (D)
2010: Juan Carlos Pacheco (F); Victor Duru (M/F)
2009: Conner Hancock (D); Juan Carlos Pacheco (F)

MDJ Player of the Year
2010: Juan Carlos Pacheco (F)
2009: Juan Carlos Pacheco (F)

USC - All Southeast Team

2022: Quin Delamater

USC - All State Team

2022: Quin Delamater
2021: Josh Najjar & Quin Delamater
2020: Zamal Mallebranche

Najjar AS.png
Delamater AS.png
Zamal Social Media.JPG

All Region Team

All Region 2022.png
Region Player of the Year

2021: Josh Najjar (M)
2020: Zamal Mallebranche (F)
2019: Austin Shukoor (M)
2018: Gunther Rankenburg (GK)


**All Region Team selections did not occur before 2018

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